Big Bandz Bunsz

Originally written April 2021

I did another money ritual and paid for a Queen of Pentacles oil. I also have money affirmations that I say each and every day as well as Jezebel oil and Domination oil. Sometimes I worry that I’ll get nothing because the people helping me will assume I’m being too greedy. But my heart is mostly in supporting my friends by buying their products as well as in making sure I’m financially stable.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

So I saw two statuses. One saying that it doesn’t matter how much you manifest and stay productive if you don’t change your mindset. Another saying that the ancestors don’t recognize that hateration shit. Things I kinda knew but not really. I always knew that you need an attitude of gratitude for the blessings to keep rolling in and every school of thought just keeps saying the same thing in a different way.

So I’ve made it an intention to say what I’m grateful for more than I complain and things have literally immediately turned around. I am still overwhelmed by the workload but I’m so grateful to have a MORE THAN sustaining amount of work ! I’m grateful that I’m able send other people gifts and money and to support their businesses without taking away from what I need. I’m grateful to have a new phone and the money to plan a joint bday trip with my boyfriend. I’m grateful to have the money to put together a bday party for my daughter. I’m grateful to have enough consistent money rolling in that I can be actively looking for an assistant right now.


I’m grateful that I can do these things without a tax refund or child support or a stimulus check but that I will still be getting a tax refund, a stimulus check and my bd’s stimulus check through child support so that I can also get my license back and get a car. I’ve been seeing 444, 555, 1111 and 333 consistently. I know that these things are all Divine and I am so grateful for them. Ase !


I be talmbout stuff or whatever.

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