Beauty With Bunny

A Little History

I used Beauty With Bunny for my brand name when I obtained my cosmetology license. In December 2010 I got my cosmetology license and began doing hair inside of a salon and makeup on location for special events. Ever since I left that field I’d been looking for something else to do with the name.

The New Beauty With Bunny

So as I was, I don’t know, minding my own business somewhere (bahahaha) I had a thought to start a Dayton Fashion Week. One of my biggest lifetime goals is to rehab the city and the best ways to do that are to bring tech and entertainment to the area.

Well, in Summer 2020 I found out that Dayton Fashion Week is already a thing although not well-known even in Dayton. I haven’t exactly decided the direction of this brand anymore. To be continued.

I considered making it the name of the luxury salon/spas that I’d like to open but I think I want to keep those as Zaicheek instead. Maybe Beauty With Bunny can be the beauty line associated with it ???? I thought of that actually just as I was typing this on 12/12/2020 at 3:40pm.

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