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I’m passionate about giving you the one up on what’s coming so that you have a higher chance of success in all that you do ! My calling is to inspire others to live more consciously and all of my services do just that, from readings to education provided so that you can hone your own claircognizance.

At this time, all readings are virtual and will be sent via email.

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Alchemy /ˈalkəmē/


a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

So you want a glimpse into the future…

Get A Reading

Meaning, get clear messages read indicated by your current energy.

I primarily use an African American tarot card deck along with Unicorn Oracles and Transformative Affirmation cards. The combination helps me keep the readings as possible while still being raw !

Fun Fact: Tarot cards were not originally created for divination. The first tarot guide was created by Jean-Baptiste Alliette in the late 1700s.

Crystals and even random blessed objects like beads or pictures can be used in intuitive readings as well.

Crystals also carry healing properties and can aid in things like self-love and more awareness.

Understanding your birth chart and is one of the best ways to learn confidence through self-acceptance.

“I’m focused… maaaaannn.”

Understand Your Birth Chart

Self-Acceptance is a major key to happiness.

I’ve found that Costar is the most accurate and thorough, free avenue to understanding your birth chart and the role it plays in your everyday life. To get the most accurate results, use your real name, the exact location of birth and the exact time you were born.

Manifest /ˈmanəˌfest/


display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate. to make ones thoughts appear in tangible form.

Looking for healing tools ? Check out the blog for more info on how herbs and crystals will get that ass RIGHT !

  • Each card has an individual standard meaning.
  • The picture and what you notice in it first tells a better story.
  • Real food is real medicine.
  • Herbs are also super awesome for spellwork !
  • Put these jawns in your pocket, ya bra, under your pillow… anywhere for real.
  • They’re also so pretty lol

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