Mindy’s Planet

Mindy’s Planet is a non-profit started by my daughter and I in April 2019. You can find its website here. We don’t receive any type of funding and run solely off of donations. We started a village on Patreon so that our supporters can subscribe to help for as little as $1 each month. We also offer merch and accept CashApp.

All of the money we earn in 2021 goes towards opening our joint group home/community garden and putting together programs for families. There are so many children who simply have no reliable adult supervision. They don’t have anyone cleaning their clothes regularly or making them meals or making sure they get to school even. No one helping them with homework. When a child does not have their basic needs met it’s nearly impossible for them to perform in school. These are the children we’ll be looking to accept into the group home.

If their school performance is subpar we know that directly affects their future and generations to come. We are trying to stop that cycle. Our first initiative was doing tornado relief. An F5 tornado ravaged our hometown on May 29, 2020. We were able to provide food, toiletries and household essentials for 80 or so families thanks to your donations. We were also able to pay the apartment security deposits and Dp&l and Vectren deposits for 11 displaced families.

In 2020 our focus was on tending to a community garden with the children in our village. You can read our blog about why gardening matters here. In addition to what’s in the blog, gardening is a way to provide children who may not be able to rely on an adult to eat with a way to produce some of their own food.

In the future we hope to also teach cooking classes, open community gardens, place free libraries and free pantries on each block and hold meditation classes for our children. This is something we’re extremely passionate about and we can’t wait to see what the future brings with it !