The Happiness Project

It All Starts With Self Care

The Happiness Project is something I started for myself, tbh. Just like anyone else, I wanted to be happy. I spent the entire first 2.7 decades of my life in constant misery. I know that I can’t expect to feel pure bliss 24/7 but I wanted to get as close as humanly possible in the safest, most genuine way.

Now that happiness truly is my default setting, I’ve sort of lost my zeal for this project but I do want to eventually revive it and turn it into something great. A lot of people are still struggling to find their happy and I feel like I’m in a good spot to give guidance.

Come Along For The Ride

I have a page on Facebook and at one point I had a group where I hosted a 30 day Happiness Challenge. I’d love to make the challenge annual and get a ton of engagement but we’ll see how it goes !