Becoming A Jill Of All Trades

Businesshumans I really look up to include Richard Branson, Sean Combs and Elon Musk. I have always been an overachiever and a chronic multitasker. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been told to do less, slow down, relax and the likes of it. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN !

Mastering One At A Time

My mind moves at a pace of 497.6 ideas a minute and there’s nothing I can do to turn it off. I’m constantly thinking about how I can make things better. Better meaning more efficient, easier to understand. How can things reach more people ? How can I provide more value ? How can something be shown in a more positive, beneficial light ? I’m solving problems, or at least attempting to do so, in my mind all day, every day. I started thinking that I must be C R A Z Y ! Maybe I AM doing the most ?

Nope. No, no and some more no. The problem is that I was constantly presenting my ideas to people who didn’t have the capacity to hold them. They couldn’t see what I saw, and that’s okay. So I started seeking out people and examples that were more like me that I could possibly relate to.

Everyone Needs A Role Model

That’s how I discovered my Glorious 3 mentioned in the beginning. Three people who have their hands in everything. Who come up with wild ideas on a regular basis. All I needed to know is that it was possible. P.S. If you know of any great examples of women who body hella different industries, let me know !

What To Expect

In the tabs you’ll find my different brand ideas ! Some of them I am actively working on and many others have set in stone due dates for the future. I will definitely be making everything happen, and more, and I’ll be taking you on the ride with me ! Watch me do the *mostly* impossible.

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