Copacetic Productions

Words don’t always reach people or resonate with them when read. As a matter of fact… some people literally don’t even know how to read. They also don’t always pick up or accurately interpret suggested tone and things similar. Copacetic Productions will be the film section of my conglomerate to spread my messages visually.

A Docuseries ?

I’d love to do it in a series of documentaries or super short daily clips at a time. The first project I have in mind is to showcase all of the talent and creativity in my hometown, the Gem City. Dayton, Ohio has so much to offer to the world and so many people don’t even know it !

At this point, in December 2021 as I update this page, I understand the value of mastering one thing at a time before you move on to the next idea. So I have no idea when this project will start gaining momentum. Just know that it will.

Wanna Partner ?

Just fill out the form and we can talk about it !