3B Club

A Book Club With A Twist

Books, Bongs & Boobies ! I was enjoying me *medicine* and listenin’ to Beerbongs & Bentleys by Post Malone when I came up with this idea. I decided to post about it on Facebook and it gained a lot of attention so I put it on my official ‘to-do’ list.

Books, Bongs & Boobies will be a book club hosted for women in a 420 friendly place. The point of having our boobles out and to legally enjoy Mary Jane is to lower inhibit and allow us to be more vulnerable. We, especially Black Women, are so restricted in all other areas of life. Many of us feel pressure that we always have to be ‘on’. This will a soft, safe space for us.

Join The Club

There will be a fee associated as I’ll be handing out (or shipping) the book of the month and I’ll be providing cannabis infused snacks for the conversation. Ideally, I’ll also have luxury smoke accessories from Stoned Queen (use code BUNNY for 20% off an order NOW).

I have this entire vision in my head for what exactly it’s going to look and feel like and how it’ll go and what kinds of women will be there. Of course, we will all need sitters so it’ll be the same day and time each month. I can’t wait to hash out all the details and get it started !

With COVID hitting hard again I’m thinking about making it a virtual experience ! Every month I’ll mail the book and either treats or/and accessories and we’ll have a zoom scheduled where we can discuss it topless ! If you’re interested and wanna know when it drops, just send me a message !