Holy Hoe Clothing Co

I had the idea for this randomly. Although extremely selective, I am a very sensual, sexual person. It often comes as a surprise to people because of the way I carry myself. I kept finding myself thinking about how two things can be true at once. Just because you’re extremely sexual doesn’t mean you’re like that with everyone, or anyone. But on the other hand, even if you DO choose to be extremely sexual with everyone you meet, that doesn’t mean you don’t have boundaries or standards or morals. Like you can still be holy and a hoe… a Holy Hoe. People are dynamic and kinetic and everything is on a spectrum. You should be able to express and be proud of ALL sides of your being.

So Holy Hoe was a clothing line meant to capture this idea through clothing. In the very beginning I had pitched the idea to a friend and planned to do everything 50/50. We did launch but it didn’t go as planned at all and was closed a week or so after launch. It is something I’m still super proud of though and I do want another clothing company in the future !