Ayudame, Por Favor

Finding a virtual or administrative assistant is not the cakewalk that I thought it would be. Also the price of it is pretty daunting.

Life Be Lifin’

I figured out that I need about 16 hours worth of work done each week starting out. Ideally, I’d love to hire a student on work-study. At $8.80, minimum wage, I’d be looking at about $500 a month. But the problem is, Wright State doesn’t approve off-campus work study any more. Fuck. I haven’t looked into other colleges yet honestly simply because that was discouraging. I wanted to pay it forward somewhere that I’ve personally benefited from.

From within these Facebook groups I’ve been getting all kinds of crazy quotes but not from anyone that can actually prove their quality of work. So many of the people just seem super, extra scammy. So that’s a no.

I Can’t Even, I Literally Can’t Even

I really can’t afford to pay more than $10 an hour but finding an LLC to assist has been hard for me because they want paid up front before I can verify their quality of work and make sure that I wouldn’t have to actually train them.

I keep seeing people say they found someone in the Philippines for under $5 an hour, dummy cheap prices, but I can’t actually get any leads to where these people or companies are !

One thing is for certain though, I NEED some help ! I’m super overwhelmed with my workload and I need to offload these more minor tasks so I can work on building more passive income and advertising the things that are going to make me the most money.

Please universe (or random person reading this) SEND ME A LEAD !


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