My original idea for this and where the name came from is because I’ve been writing poetry and short stories my entire life. I get inspired and start on something and for some reason, more often than not, I get uninspired in the middle or just some time before it’s finished. So I like to call them just appetizers. I don’t quite get to the main course. So the dream is to link people who are great at starting with people who have trouble starting to create complete works of art !

Until I figure out exactly how that’s gonna go this is just a hub for all the poetry and stories I write. This is also the name/brand that I publish my personal writings through. So far, I’ve published 2 books to iTunes and plan on having physical copies of those and an additional project I’m working on within the next couple of years.

I welcome submissions from guest writers for sure, I would love to showcase other artists as much as possible ! Just fill out the form below to have your work published.

You can check the AppetizerWritez website here.