Date Day !

Originally written April 3, 2021

I was super excited by the weekend of the 6th I had a sitter overnight for a day. My step-sister (not because I care about the step part but to be clear since I don’t fuck with my biological sister at all) is dating a man who has a son that she loves so much and it was his birthday weekend. They wanted to do something special for him and include Mindy. Awesome. She hasn’t been away from me at all since she HAD to be away from me as I was admitted to the hospital. So adult time, zero. Alone time, negative two. Exhaustion level ? 484938493.

So needless to say, when my sister invited my kid over for 24 hours I was THRILLED ! My plan was to spend the night and morning all alone in silence which I did and it was GLORIOUS then to go on what was only a second date after all this time with my boyfriend. He was slightly irked by how long it ended up taking me to get ready but everything else was perfect. We smoked in the living room which, long story as to why it’s so intensely pleasurable but just trust me that it reeeaaalllly is. Then he hung out with me while I did my hair and makeup which included him falling asleep briefly lol. We took the backroads to the Greene instead of the highway and kept the music off which is one of my favorite ways to travel.

Favorite Restaurant

Also, he’s never been to BD’s Mongolian Grill before so we went there and I was unreasonably ecstatic to treat him to it. I definitely show love best in the form of gifts and acts of service. Their new roti bread is to die for by the way. But then we came home and watched cartoons while smoking again and then had the best sex followed by the best nap EVER.

We definitely need more days like this. It’s so rare that neither of us have our kids at the same time but just having these few hours of alone time and getting out the house created a HUGE energy shift for the positive ❤


Boy was this year’s bday different ! lol If you’re curious to see what goes on in my world, subscribe to the blog.

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