Film Critique

So I always wonder what the criteria is for how people even critique or judge films. It seems like a lot of people have faith in like, Rotten Tomatoes. But who even are those guys and why the fuck should I trust their opinion ?

Photo by Martin Lopez

Apparently There’s A Guide

So I was looking it up and found a step by step guide on how to critique films. Why do I wanna know this ? For no particular reason at all. General curiosity lol. Also, though, I want to start a film company for my b’earthday some year in the distant future. Anyway, in case you’re curious too, here’s what I found.

Before The Film

Step one is not to get too caught up in researching the movie ahead of time. You might want to get a little information on the director or lead actresses and actors but that’s it. Feeling really jury duty-ish so far but I’m here for it. You might think to yourself, “Oh well I’ll just watch the trailer,” and that’s it. Nope. Those usually have spoiler alerts and you’ll ruin it. Also, refrain from looking up other people’s reviews before you watch the movie. You want your opinion to be as pure as possible, you don’t want to accidentally soak up someone else’s opinion.

Watching The Film

So boom, now you’re ready to actually watch the film. Watch it alone if you can, just one time straight through, without any distractions at all. If you have to spend time pausing, rewatching and answering questions, your review will be tainted because you didn’t experience the film the way it was meant to flow; which one hundred percent makes a difference. No distractions includes no note-taking. Even if you’re just looking away for a few moments you can miss vital sequences and shots.

After the Film

Moving right along to after you’ve watched the movie okay. How soon or how late you decide to write your review is CRITICAL. You want to stay focused and make sure you’re speaking on all the things that stood out to you about the film. You don’t want to forget any of the little nuances since, remember, you didn’t take any notes.

You’ll want to cover all of the aspects of the film that went into creating the final product. That’s going to include information about the plot and how believable it was. You’ll want to talk about whether or not it was captivating and how the climax was revealed. Talk about the theme and tone, touching on the central goal of the movie and what emotions it was trying to evoke. Go into the acting techniques and the characters themselves for sure; leading and supporting characters alike.

Tell if you like how the director chose the pace and complexity of the story. Was the music score complimentary or was it confusing ? How were the cinematography and the special effects ? Was it obvious that certain things were edited ? Did the sets feel believable in conjunction with the stories and characters ? Were all of the conversations natural and believable ?

As you can see there’s so much that goes into it ! What’s the last good film you saw ?

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