7 Keys To Lasting Happiness

We’re about halfway through quarter two of the year ! If you’re anything like me that means it’s time to track your goals and see how you’ve measured up against everything you said you were going to do in December/January for the new year. 

If you completely forgot about your resolutions then you’re probably doing poorly and will be mildly devastated. Yikes. Just keep in mind it’s still not too late for you ! While you sort that out, here are 7 tips on how to be happy about the life you’re living either way; how to be a happier person altogether. But first…

Photo by Tim Samuel on Pexels.com

What Is Happiness ?

A lot of us think that to be a happy person means to be happy all of the time. My most recent therapist (Alison Newlin, if you the universe does its thing and you stumble upon this !) made a great point in saying that is unnatural, it is a disorder. Someone happy all of the time is manic. They’re a maniac. You should be very afraid of them. Do not strive for that, okay ? Promise ? Awesome.

So what does it actually mean to be a happy person ? I’m really satisfied with the definition and blurb given by Happify so I’m gonna lay that on you guys before we get into my tips for you.

The research suggests that happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life (for example, finding meaning in your work) and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis.


7 Secret Happiness Boosters

  1. Invest in a quality relationship. This can be romantic or platonic really. Humans were made to live, laugh and love TOGETHER. Developing a genuine connection with someone else will increase your overall happiness exponentially.
  2. Cut back on social media usage. It’s real life but it’s not the whole thing. It can be too easy to compare your whole life to someone else’s highlight reel which leads to feeling super inadequate. Inadequacy leads to insecurity and we all know how that goes.
  3. Set boundaries and enforce them. If you’re constantly putting up with disrespect chances are you’re pretty unhappy. Let the people closest to you know how you want to be treated. If they intentionally chronically go against that then remove them from your life for good. Simple like that. Watch how happy you get.
  4. Allow yourself to wallow for a minute. We have a wide range of emotions and each and every one of them is meant to be felt. They all have something to tell us, they prompt us to act. Next time you have a negative emotion don’t run from it. Instead, explore it with curiosity and watch it dissipate on its on.
  5. Write down what you’re grateful for each day. Psychologists agree that practicing gratitude is essential af to living a full and happy life. Actually writing them down with pen and paper is a major key. Just thinking every now and then that you’re grateful doesn’t have the same effect. 
  6. Escape the screens. There are hella studies just a google away about the how too much screen time negatively impacts your health. Social media specifically (most people hardly use screens for anything else anymore) is strongly associated with depression. Do what you can to be without electronics as much as possible.
  7. Curb your expectations. When you expect something specific from someone, especially without telling them first, you’re bound to experience all kinds of disappointment. Disappointment of course is a happiness killer. 

Try It Out

Take one tip a month and get laser focused on how you can implement it into your life for the long term ! If you’re feeling extra fancy, come back and let me know how it goes ! And subscribe to ythe blog for more stuff about stuff.

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