It’s So Hard

Everything Sucks

Let’s start there. Not really. Just in the very moment that I’m writing this. It’s 7:36PM on thanksgiving eve. I’m in Chicago. In a beautiful condo in Oak Park. Alone. And lonely. Because my ex is a piece of shit and my best friend is dead. And that shit’s hard.

I was purposely compartmentalizing on this trip because I need a break. Then I scrolled Facebook and happened to see… Champaign in a pic with her siblings. This will be everyone’s first major holiday without her.

It’s almost like every day I find a new way to miss her. Another way I realize she’s gone and not coming back. And I’m so fucking angry about it. She left me. She left us all.

And this dumb fuck said he’d help me through it. My twin flame. Supposed to be my future. My bestest of best friends. Was fucking several lowlife, gross ass bitches and contracting diseases instead of supporting me through my grief. I guess that’s life.

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