Divine Femme x Her-Story

Originally published May 7, 2020

Her-Story shares interviews on Facebook and Instagram that highlight women and their resilience. Here’s one of them ! Enjoy.

The Interview

1. What has been the most difficult part of your life journey so far?

My struggles with my severe anxiety disorder.

2. What steps have you taken to heal yourself from this situation?

Learning my triggers and actually seeking help and understanding that my disorder did not make me a broken person and I was stronger than that title.

3. What are 3 things that you feel would help others going through a similar situation?

• Having a strong alliance with people who care about you who you feel comfortable telling the truth with.

•Seeking professional help.

•Putting yourself first when it comes to your mental health.

4. What advice would you give others to help them through their journey?

Do anything you need to do to make your life better.

5. How do you show self love?

I show self-love by how I take care of my body and my mental health doing things for me.

6. If you could do anything in life that would truly make you happy what would it be?

Help others with things that I struggled with.

7. What is holding you back from getting to that happiness?

The only person who can hold me back is myself fighting a battle against myself is my worst enemy.

8. What are some practical steps that you can take to get to that place?

Reminding myself that I’m on my team and to block out the hateful thoughts.

9. What are your future goals?

My future goals is just to be great in your own way.

10. How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a proud, spiritual, black woman whose personality outshines my glossy lipgloss.

11. What is your power color and why?

My power color is red because as a dark skin women we are told that it’s not as beautiful on us. So I show them how beautiful we make it.

Who Is This

Unfortunately, the owner of Her-Story didn’t send who the actual interview was of. However, they’re still good questions with answers you can ponder on yourself !

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