Vacation Was Great

Originally written May 22, 2021

April 13 to April 19 we went on vacation to San Diego. By we, I’m speaking of my boyfriend. It was our joint birthday trip ! A lot of things were amazing about the vacation honestly. It was the first baecation I’ve ever had, my first time on a plane with someone and my first time going around to dispensaries.

But one thing that was super important for me was that I got clarity. Relationships, when they’re serious and mature and you’re both committed are still really hard. I read a post a long time ago that really stuck with me, “You never stop knowing a person. You learn who they were without you, who they were when you met and then they change slowly before your eyes as this new person with you.”

I like the new me that I am with him. However, some of the trials we’ve already been through have had me questioning our involvement with each other. I loved him. And I’m loving the him that he’s becoming with me. It’s the longest we’ve spent together consecutively also. So it’s like cool, we now know we can spend an entire week in each others space sharing absolutely everything and still be happy and in love.

Of course the goal is to be together for like 50 years but a week at first is a great step in the right direction. *Insert koolaid smile*


All that went to shit lmao. He turned out to be the worst person I’ve ever met even though it was a cool vacation.


Because why not ?

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