Weed Is Medicine

Originally written 1/9/21

Starting on November 21, 2020 my boyfriend and I attempted to quit weed for 30 days. Long story short the main reason was to save money and sleep less so we can work more and invest in our businesses at a faster rate. Update: Turns out he lied and just smoked when he wasn’t around me THE ENTIRE TIME lmao.

Issa Journey

He caved the first day lol I was disappointed but I understood and he got back focused with me the very next day. What I found in a nutshell is that weed is definitely medicine and I have to just reframe my thinking about it to moderate my usage. I still had great days while I was sober. My goods seemed better than before but my bads seemed worst. For example, if I got agitated it took HOURS to relax but when I was in a good mood I felt invincible.

…Then I remembered I have rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder isn’t an approved condition to get your card but there’s no doubt that it had been helping stabilize my mood. Then as a few days passed I noticed my body kept getting more and more sore; the soreness turned to pain. I continued doing yoga, strength training and occasionally ran a mile but at times the pain was unbearable which caused me to feel pretty depressy in the background of my mind.

…Then I remembered. In 2012 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which IS an approved condition. I have my medical marijuana prescription for it but not the card itself. Prices at the dispensaries where I live are outrageous so… yanno. Then I started getting flashbacks again. Thankfully they haven’t been accompanied by nightmares. For several years of my life I had nightmares every single night that I went to sleep and would instead opt to stay awake for days at a time instead. I have PTSD. I’ve had it for 21 years now. This is also an approved condition that I received a prescription for.

Still Worth Trying

Through all of that I was still willing to tough it out for 30 days and continue to seek alternate methods of relief. Until on Day 7, Day 8, Day 9 and Day 10 I literally got ZERO client work done. Not literally lol Realistically however I only completed about 4% of my mandatory work because I could not get a handle on my ADHD. It’s not an approved condition either but after sharing my experience on social media I found that 100% of the people that also have ADHD treat it in part with marijuana which they prefer over the stimulants prescribed.

So all in all I lasted 10 days but not just because I wanted to get blitzed or because I’m a quitter or because of peer pressure or anything but because it is REAL medicine for me and going without prescribed medicine for incurable diseases causes needless suffering and was lowering my quality of life.

I can’t wait to roll one with my boyfriend tonight with a clean conscience now !

Fast Forward To May 2022

It was a very slippery slope. We went right back to very excessive usage. Several times on my own since writing this, however, I fasted from weed and it got a little better every time. At this point, I’m on probation. I will leave the details of why for another blog. But now I CAN’T partake. Even though everything I said above is valid. So now I am on an herbal journey to see what other plants can help with all of these things !

To be continued !

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