Copacetic Bunsz

Originally published December 19, 2020

So I’m thinking of purchasing a new domain name, Copacetic Bunsz. I think The Bunny Sunshine idea is over and Copacetic Bunsz fits better. It also matches what I’m trying to do better as well as my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram names.

I eventually want to open Copacetic Enterprises as the umbrella brand for allllll of my other brands and it’ll morph into that what I’m ready. Which, most everything has changed at least slightly and I definitely need to update this website too !

I Did It.

So I did end up going with Copacetic Bunsz. I had a person tell me after I explained to her all that I do that I AM the brand. It’s all me. It was after I made this decision but it definitely made me feel more confident about it.

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