75Hard Challenge

*Originally posted November 14, 2020

So I started the 75Hard Challenge on November 4th and bitch listen ! It is definitely a challenge. I heard about it on the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast last month and decided to look it up and go for it after that retrograde.

What Is It ?

Right when you get on the website they let you know it’s not a workout plan or a weight loss journey but a mental toughness test. It only has a few rules:

  • Take a selfie each day
  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Follow your choice of food plan with ZERO cheat meals
  • Work out twice a day for 45 minutes each with one of those being outside
  • Read 10 pages of a physical book each day (no audiobooks)

I’ve Started Over Every Day

Soooo yeah. Mental toughness. I already have an incredibly full schedule so I THOUGHT finding 90+ minutes to work out would be the biggest issue. I thought wrong. Turns out that since I work out each day already, increasing the time actually wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s the gallon of water for me.

Before this I wouldn’t say I was an avid water drinker… I mean let me quit playing. I have been chronically dehydrated my entire life. No exaggeration. Not that I’m chugging like juice, soda or coffee. I’m just usually not drinking anything at all. It’s pretty ridiculous and I do not know how I ended up this way, especially after so many years of being hella athletic.

Water Is Not My Enemy

The most I’ve been able to intake in a single 24 hour period is 102 ounces. And that was really a struggle. I wake up 4:30am each day. I try to drink the first 24 ounces by 6:30am but on an empty stomach it makes me super nauseous and I hate it. But then around 7:15am I start my first workout and suddenly from the profuse sweating, I find myself drinking about 24 ounces suring the session. I then read and do a little Spanish and sip slowly in between. I make breakfast around 9:30am when I drink maybe 12 ounces and then I start my workday.

THAT’S WHEN IT ALL GOES TO SHIT ! As soon as I start working I get into a flow I don’t want to break focus so it’s difficult to just remember or to be attentive to the water timers I set. I also super hate having to get up and pee every 20 minutes.

I Haven’t Given Up

My mama ain’t raise no hoe though so I haven’t given up at all. Even if it takes me an entire year to successfully complete the challenge I’ll just keep at it !

And Then I Did Give Up Lol

I did not complete the challenge and it’s 2022 now. Honestly my romantic relationship got in the way and then depression did. However, I’ve been thinking about retrying it lately. Stay tuned ?

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