Open Your Mind

First things first, my b’earthday is in a few days ! April 12th. What I want most is donations to my non-profit. Your donations are even tax deductible because it’s a real 501c3 lol

Photo by Miriam Espacio

I love learning. I’m always looking for puzzle pieces and clues that explain how the world works and how I fit in it. One thing I find interesting about knowledge and learning is that we really have no idea what is fact. There are so many things that are ever-changing. We also live amongst hella capitalists so many experiments, trials and results are tainted with bias or just downright falsified.

Then we have the medical field where we think we know things because there’s tangible proof but alas there’s been reports about up to 73% of success surgical procedures in some hospitals being purely placebos. I also think about all the things medicinal experts were very adamantly pushing 50 years ago that are now deemed obsolete.

Quantum Physics and All That Stuff

So then if perception is reality and all this shit is made up and even things of the most serious nature can be reversed with pure “belief”… what does that mean ?

I don’t yet.

I originally wrote this October 2020. I thought I’d have some type of answer by now and I really fucking don’t lmao. In the last 18 months, however, I have learned more about the occult and its many layers and more on the theories of energy never dying and death. I’m very grateful that if nothing else, I’m much more comfortable not knowing.


Don’t you wanna hang out with me while I figure all of it out ? Follow the blog ! I’ve been going back and remixing all of my old blogs as I’m very much a different person from the Woman I was when I started this blog. It’s been super interesting.

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