Free Time ?

*Originally written 9/8/2020

There’s a question mark because what is free time anymore ? Lol I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been extremely busy and overwhelmed. I have 3 legal businesses jumping and gaining momentum at once right now and I also 3 major projects. I’ve traded in sleeping most nights for working and only this week am I starting to finally really find a team that I can leverage.

Photo by cottonbro

I’m Doing My Best

I always hope to post a blog for each brand once a week but I’ve tailored down now to… just whenever I have the mental capacity ! Except for Copacetic Aesthetix, Mindy’s Planet, Holy Hoe and Period the Podcast. Those I’m hoping to keep AT LEAST bimonthly because those brands are bringing in money.

Now, Copacetic Aesthetix does have four other branches; Copacetic Job Market, Copacetica Club, Copacetica Research Center and Copacetic Productions. So I would like to touch on those monthly. These are definitely very loose plans if it can be called a plan at all !

This week I’ll be leaving for vacation (September 3 to September 9) and I’m not bringing any of my work materials with me. I’m hoping that the space and free time I have on my trip will give me some clarity and guide me on what I should do going forward; not just for the future of my blogs but operations as a whole. I cannot keep up. I’m too swamped to even do every project to the best of my abilities.

Update 2022

Since then I have narrowed down what I do so that I can focus and master one thing at a time ! Now I’m currently running Copacetic full time and Mindy’s Planet part time. In the Spring and Summer that may flip ! Definitely stay tuned to what’s up next !

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