Goddess Boxes

Orginally written June 18, 2020

The Start Of Something New

On May 1, 2021 I will be launching Goddess Subscription Boxes through Divine Femme ! It’s a ways away so the details aren’t completely worked out yet okay but here’s the land. I will possibly be collaborating with another women’s empowerment brand, Her-Story. Included I’m thinking a Goddess Manifesto, anointing oil, lavender, sage, rose quartz, a guided meditation, an herbal bath bomb and a candle. I want everything to serve a specific purpose.

Who Is A Goddess ?

So when I think of a Goddess, first off, I envision a mermaid. Not really the same thing so I don’t know what’s up with that being so heavily associated in my mind lmao. Then I think of gold and amber and sparkles and like lily pads. Mystic and floral. I think that’s what sums it up. I want the boxes to feel mystic, warm and native.

What’s In The Box

I want the elements in the box to have to do with harnessing your power, I’ll call it awakening your inner goddess. That power will be intuition and it’s strengthened through mindfulness.

I want to add the rose quartz for sure because its energy is associated with the heart chakra and relates to compassion. Compassion is one of the highest forms of love. It’s a step past empathy. It’s saying I can feel what you feel AND I’m willing to do something about it. This is important for self-love, platonic love and romantic love alike.

The lavender is nature’s chill pill. It produces deep relaxation when inhaled. It can be added to lotions and oils or you can lay the flowers under your pillow for a good night’s sleep. The better your sleep quality, the more likely you are to remember your dreams and decipher the messages in them.

I want to record a guided meditation specifically for you all to go along with the manifesto but I haven’t hashed out what would be most beneficial to say. As for the anointing oil, your hair is your crown and there’s said to be power in it but I definitely have to do more research on that and the other elements.

What would you expect to be in a Goddess Box ? Let me know !

The Remix

Since then, so much about my plans and my branding have changed ! For one thing, I’ve decided that Copacetic Aesthetix will be for moms. This takes away the need for Divine Femme honestly. Because the purpose of it was to empower women. I do that now through branding + wellness.

Branding + Wellness Programs

More info to come really soon ! But I’m developing 3 different holistic programs to help women dive deep within themselves and emerge in a way that helps them perfect their branding and attract the things they want into their lives, just like magic. At the end of the 6 month program, I wanted to offer some sort of gift during the 24 hour silent retreat. I’m thinking it’s going to be the Goddess Boxes !

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