Business Cards

Business cards are the number one selling promotional item for branding. You can hardly go into any establishment without seeing a stack of some laid out somewhere. Every fair and festival table or booth has them too !

Photo by Monstera

Make Sure People See Yours

If you dumped out your purse or wallet or looked on your fridge you might find a few also. I mean they’re really everywhere. Those things are pretty important then, huh ? They’re deadass one of the most convenient ways to get your contact info out there and let people know what it is that you do exactly.

Since its reach is potentially far af you want to make sure your business cards are designed RIGHT. So today we’ll give you information and tips on how to optimize those tiny, wordy rectangles.

Keep Them Relevant

You shouldn’t use just any design shapes or elements that grab your attention. You want them to be strongly related to your business. The design element with the hugest impact on a business card is the text. Now, typography is art, not science so there are no real rules. But there are things that increase the value of the card and your brand.

Pay Attention To The Font

Since business cards are small it’s best to use no more than two types of font. Using more will make it appear too busy. Busy looking business cards usually get tossed right into the trashcan. For your two fonts, try combining a serif and a sans-serif. Or a script and sans-serif. 

The Shape Of Your Cards

Rectangular business cards are the standard so they’re the most cost-effective but they’re not mandatory. You can choose to stand out with circular or triangular business cards instead. You can also opt for a gloss finish, a matte finish or something else that’s more unique. Rectangular, gloss business cards are ideal for most consumers bc they fit into slots on wallets and purses easily.

Info On Your Cards

Information that should be included on your business card is almost identical to what’s in the contact section on your website. You should include: You name, title, email, phone number, logo and website at a minimum. You can also add your physical address if you have one and maybe your social media information.

Business Card Colors

The colors on your business card should be the exact same colors on all of your other branded materials including your website and social media posts. The goal is to build a cohesive, elite brand that can be easily recognized by as many people as possible. 

Invest In Business Cards Now

You can order your own from Copacetic Aesthetix. We offer basic and Copacetic versions to meet ya needs !

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