Divine Femme x HER-Story 2

“ANOTHA ONE !” *DJ Khaled voice*

Her-Story shares interviews on their Facebook and Instagram that highlight women and their resilience. Here’s one of them ! Enjoy.

1. What has been the most difficult part of your life journey so far?

Being confident in myself and the woman that I’ve become.

2. What are you doing to heal?

I’m doing things that I enjoy doing, that truly bring me happiness. I enjoy coloring, being adventurous, being outdoors, & spending time with family and loved ones.

3. What 3 things would help someone else in this situation?

•Journaling •Affirmations •Having a faith based system.

4. How do you show self love?

Being outdoors, traveling, & trying something new.

5. If you could do anything that would add to your happiness what would it be?

To live near or on a beach.

6. What is holding you back from this?

Grad School

7. What practical steps can you take to get to your happiness?

Making a commitment to travel more.

8. What are your future goals?

Traveling more internationally, completing my MPH at Saint Louis University, owning a home, being happy in a committed marriage.

9. How would you describe yourself?

Outgoing, aware, ambitious, goal oriented, and adventurous.

10. What advice would you give to help people on their journey?

YOU should believe in you.

11. What quote would you like to be remembered by?

I think Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” speaks to me the most. No matter what I’ve been though, still I rise.

P.S. Happy New Year !

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