Phone Interviews

Aight so boom, one of the previous brands I started was Copacetic Job Market. I started it because my clients, often their main hurdle was that they don’t have a job making enough money for them to feel comfortable going hard in their business. To land a great job though, making more bank, you need to have a bomb ass resume for one. But then you also need to have good interview skills ! With COVID going on, a lot of businesses are opting to do phone interviews. WHich is a whole other monster. So here’s some tips on how to ace them from an article I found !

Different Techniques

Phone interviews have a few different approaches and techniques for you to abide by compared to in person interviews. Especially now in the face of a global health situation do you want to know how to act when offered a phone interview.

Practice Your Voice

One of the most important things is to practice your voice. Without being able to read your body language and get other visual context clues aside from your words, all they have to go of of is the tone of your voice. Also, practicing out loud will help you to become aware of a lot of your verbal ticks. For example, I notice that when I’m nervous and unprepared to speak about every other word out of my mouth is ‘like’. With that awareness you know what exactly to focus your practice on.

When you have a phone interview you want to make sure you always answer the phone yourself. The way you answer the phone is equivalent to your handshake. Sound confident when you answer. Sound enthused and excited. That’s equal to your award winning smile. 

Prepare For The Questions

Now sometimes when we prepare for questions thoroughly we ca get super eager to answer them. Make sure to let the interviewer completely finish their question though before you open your mouth to answer. Interrupting them totally isn’t a good sign. Don’t leave too much dead air but take time to fully process what they said so that you can give the most accurate answer. 

Have Your Resume Ready

They’ll likely ask you questions about your resume and cover letter. Have them both in front of you so that you know exactly what they’re referring to when they ask the question. Make sure that that’s pretty much all that’s around you. Children and pets should be in another area so that they aren’t a distraction and can’t be heard as background noise.

Be sure to accept the interview in an area where you have good reception. You don’t want to risk dropped calls because the odds of you reaching them again are pretty slim. Unless it cuts off in the middle of you talking, they can’t be too sure that you didn’t hang up.

As always, be sure to follow the interview up with a thank you card 🙂

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