Brain Dump

Usually when I’m driving or in the shower I’ll think of something profound, or at the very least noteworthy. I’ll think to myself, “damn that would make a great blog. Let me make sure I don’t forget.” Then I forget like immediately. And when I sit down to blog, in the midst of the million other things I need to do, in the middle of the day, I don’t feel creative or contemplative at all anymore. I sit here and stare at the blank screen and I have no idea what to write. Then I think well, likely noone is reading this anyway so maybe it really doesn’t even matter. So I don’t take too much care. Not for structure or grammar or accuracy or thorough explanations or anything. Often I end up just copy and pasting from one of my other brands where the blogs are done more seriously. So yes, there you have it this week. A simple blog about having no idea what to blog. I will say, I’m proud of myself for keeping it pretty consistent despite not having a direction. That has to count for something, right ? Oh, happy halloween or whatever.

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