I don’t know lmao

Throughout the days I’ll think of something that would make a great blog topic or I’ll half discuss something and think to myself that I’d love to expound on it later…then I don’t. Because I’m always confident that I’ll remember it later or stumble upon the same train of thought again since it’s usually something common or environmental that triggers the initial thought. But I just deadass don’t remember. I eventually sit down to write this blog and honestly have absolutely no idea what to say lmao.

So yeah, I plan on getting better at that. I think I’m going to sit down and write an actual list of topics I want to cover and some outlines or whatever and treat this blog with a little more dignity.

The thing is, when I started it, I planned on it being the like umbrella brand for all these different brand ideas I had. But since it would be years until they were all fully developed, I didn’t want to give them their own dedicated websites. So I made one site that touched on them all briefly and their individual blogs were all going to be under this domain and separated by category.

Since I’ve had that idea, life has changed drastically. And long story short, I am now laser focused on just one single one of my brands. And that brand already has it’s own website. So I sorta kinda have been just using this as an online diary. Which is pointless to pay for lmao. So yeah. Bare with me while I gain some direction. And thank you for sticking with me !

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