From a viewer:

“Well it sucks because I found out that I actually only wasn’t getting cheated on for the first two months of that relationship lmao. Because my body is not appealing. The same body he knew I had when he asked me out. It’s tormenting to be told you’re perfect and then shown you’re nowhere near enough on a regular basis. The world is cruel. Maybe all men are the same. They’re animalistic. It’s in their DNA. They couldn’t do better if they tried really hard. At least that would feel better than knowing they’re simply not trying. Or maybe it is our fault for always picking the same ones. Even though nobody ever taught us what tricks to look out for and how to take their masks off so that we know which ones are really different for real this time. We don’t know. Shouldn’t have to. Because good should be the default. But it’s not. And that hurts. Life hurts. My head hurts. My heart hurts.”


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