November 18, 2020 – July 2, 2021 My relationship

227 Days is Not Forever

A 19,612,800 Second Roller Coaster

I wrote this poem June 30 at 9:42 PM

Fornever ✨

You take all the energy from me 

When I’m working 

And manifesting 

But then I have to 


To see what’s going on 

To find in the mind what the eyes can’t see 

You cannot hide from me 

If you needed space to breathe, you could’ve said that 

Have I not been open enough ?

Transparent enough ?

Loving enough ?

Patient enough 

With you for you to feel comfortable with me ? 

When we talk about the future do we see the same thing or are you just..

Agreeing with me ?

Saying everything I wanna hear 

Using my honesty and the things I hold dear 

Against me.

Stealing my energy. The energy I need to be the best me so I can fix the broken pieces in you. 

Or at least try to. 

But you resist it at every turn

You say it’s what you want but lip service doesn’t appease me where action is required 

We’re so differently wired

Maybe I shoulda believed her when she said you were a really good liar

Maybe I shoulda left back when that red flag was on fire 

My heart was cold tho 

And I was desperate for something to keep me warm 

But the thing about fire is there’s a thin line between relief and obliteration

I look at you in your sleep and kiss your face 

Imagining all the beautiful things we’ll do when we get out of this place 

But then I close my eyes and in my dreams you’re a disgrace 

It takes 




To decipher 

I thought you were my rider 

We talked about creating life because

I thought you were a lifer

I don’t know what you are anymore. 


Your Potential Forever 

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