RIP Champaign Vazquez

I found out on June 2 that my best friend died. We haven’t spoken in two years. She tried to reach me when she saw me walking last summer. I told her I’ll always love her then I blocked her. I wish I would’ve listened more that day. I wish I would’ve ran to her house and hugged her and the kids. I wish I didn’t go to her funeral. I wish I could only remember all the pictures I took of her when I did her up instead of a mortician. I wish her kids didn’t have to try grasping the magnitude of what’s going on. I hope their last days will her weren’t filled with chaos. Most of all I just wish she would’ve listened. I wish I never had to let her go then see her go. Her life was getting dangerous and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn’t have my kid around it. I tried everything I could to make her see what she was doing. She didn’t want to see it. She didn’t care. It’s too late now. It’s very sad.

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