75Hard Challenge

So I started the 75Hard Challenge on November 4th and bitch listen ! It is definitely a challenge. I heard about it on the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast last month and decided to look it up and go for it after that retrograde.

What Is It ?

Right when you get on the website they let you know it’s not a workout plan or a weight loss journey but a mental toughness test. It only has a few rules:

  • Take a selfie each day
  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Follow your choice of food plan with ZERO cheat meals
  • Work out twice a day for 45 minutes each with one of those being outside
  • Read 10 pages of a physical book each day (no audiobooks)

I’ve Started Over Every Day

Soooo yeah. Mental toughness. I already have an incredibly full schedule so I THOUGHT finding 90+ minutes to work out would be the biggest issue. I thought wrong. Turns out since I work out each day already, increasing the time actually wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s the gallon of water for me.

Before this I wouldn’t say I was an avid water drinker… I mean let me quit playing. I have been chronically dehydrated my entire life. No exaggeration. Not that I’m chugging like juice, soda or coffee, I’m just usually not drinking anything at all. It’s pretty ridiculous and I do not know how I ended up this way especially after so many years of being hella athletic.

Water Is Not My Enemy

The most I’ve been able to intake in a single 24 hour period is 102 ounces. And that was really a struggle. I wake up 4:30am each day. I try to drink the first 24 ounces by 6:30am but on an empty stomach it makes me super nauseous and I hate it. But then around 7:15am I start my first workout and suddenly from the profuse sweating I find myself drinking about 24 ounces suring the session. I then read and do a little spanish and sip slowly in between. I make breakfast around 9:30am when I drink maybe 12 ounces and then I start my work day.

THAT’S WHEN IT ALL GOES TO SHIT ! As soon as I start working I get into a flow I don’t want to break focus so it’s difficult to just remember or to be attentive to the water timers I set. I also super hate having to get up and pee every 20 minutes.

I Haven’t Given Up

My mama ain’t raise no hoe though so I haven’t given up at all. Even if it takes me an entire year to successful completely the challenge I’ll just keep at it !

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