I Just Don’t Know

I’ve been trying to force myself to be disciplined enough for some years now to blog once a week and it’s just not happening. I overthink it almost every time. I’m an overthinker. I have plenty to talk about, I’m one of those long ass paragraph texters, I’m very garrulous in real life. I read a lot so I have plenty of topics at hand but still I don’t know. When it’s time to sit in front of my laptop and bust out my thoughts in blog form it just doesn’t happen.

So now my aim is to blog consistently WITHOUT any stipulations. I’m not worried about topics, staying on topic, sentence structure paragraphs, the audience, SEO etc NONE OF THAT SHIT ! I will just write what’s on my heart each week as it flows from my brain when I sit down to do it.

The hope is that if I can make it super low pressure I won’t keep overthinking it and I’ll finally be able to get consistent then as time goes on and the consistency is there I’ll worry about all the technicalities and the fact that I run real ass businesses lmao.

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